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Getting started is not hard!  You choose from the Box Orders which are comprised of different sized quantity and special type  orders. See: Faqs

Produce from our natural food market near Birmingham, AL

Manna Market Organic​ ​Food CO-OP

You can choose to visit our Market  Pick-Up location or Pick-Up your orders, EVERY OTHER TUESDAYfrom our many  locations in Alabama. Next PickUp

06-12-18, 06-26-18, 07-10-18, 

07-24-18 ......  Bi monthly  !

Natural Food for Birmingham, AL


 We  distribute in bulk by Organic case goods  to you!!
 We are offering to help you set up your own  separate Manna Market CO-OP for your Family  and Friends in your Area! Just like an old  fashioned sewing club or bridge club  gathering, you can assist your Family and  Friends in obtaining the absolute  freshest, non-picked over, no pesticide  sprayed Organic Produce and Specialty Foods  in bulk. 
Your CO-OP distribution will be in larger shares as you and your group will handle the shares divided with your family and friends.  What a great way to really pass on savings and  the real McCoy...Real honest to goodness,  fresh organic produce and specialty foods.

 Call Robyn Jones Mitchell -  for details. 

 (205) 566-2533



We will deliver your orders directly to your home, office, restaurant, school and our other CO-OP's in eco-friendly boxes that you can recycle with us.  

Getting Started

  Our Products:

We hand pick the Fruits, Veggies & Foods

Yours to Choose from: Half Box; Full Box, Extra Full Box, You Pick Box, Juicing Box, Paleo Box, Snack Orders,  Specialty "LoLo" Order Box, Organic Young Life Essential Oils & More!!

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From Our Farms to Your Plate

It’s vitally smart to know what you’re eating, even more to know what you are not eating. All of our products grown with special care, only treated with bio dynamic pesticide-free teas and the soils are kept healthy. We endeavor to persevere in making sure that you and your family can sleep easier knowing that all our produce is not only organic, but we also operate with a safe green manufacturing and facility processes.

No GMO's! No Pesticides! We save our seeds for planting!

We want you to all know the crops we have on hand in all seasons are not genetic modified organisms, are pesticide free, no poison treatment, are grown with good agricultural practices (GAP Certified) and are either locally grown all naturally grown sustainable organic products or fully certified organic products, so it not hard to figure out why our products are really so fresh, no matter the season. But, don’t you worry about a thing because we have taken special care to provide the organic fruits, vegetables and foods for all the mouths you will be feeding this season.