Full Order Box

Without Free Range Eggs $ 55.00 With Free Range Eggs     $ 60.50    Feeds 2-4 People                             8 vegetables types + 20 fruits *** Fruits / Vegetable Orders issued by Count Bunch; by Individual Issue; by Package or by the Pound***

You Choose Order Box

$69.00 Minimum Order.You certainly can spend more !! Fruit/Veggies issued by Ct.  This is a superb way to get what you desire in your CO-OP Membership Orders for distribution, excepting seasonal availability.

 Extra Full Order Box

Without Free Range Eggs $ 80.00 With Free Range Eggs     $ 85.50 Feeds 5 + People                          15  Vegetable Types + 30 fruits *** Fruits / Vegetable issued by Count Bunch; by Individual Issue; by Package or by the Pound***

            Organic Snacks

Assortment of organic snacks. Call us to discuss.

             ORGANIC JUICES

We  offer a large variety of Organic Juices. See our Shopping Cart for Distribution.

Juice Box

$ 45.00 Juice Box

May contain Juicing Carrots, Beets, celery, kale, spinach,cucumber (when available) ,ginger, garlic,lemon, granny smith apples, red apples, oranges, etc.


 We  distribute in bulk by Organic case goods  to you!!

 We are offering to help you set up your own  separate Manna Market CO-OP for your Family  and Friends in your Area! Just like an old  fashioned sewing club or bridge club  gathering, you can assist your Family and  Friends in obtaining the absolute  freshest, non-picked over, no pesticide  sprayed Organic Produce and Specialty Foods  in bulk.

 Your CO-OP distribution will be in larger  shares as you and your group will handle the  shares divided with your family and friends.  What a great way to really pass on savings and  the real McCoy...Real honest to goodness,  fresh organic produce and specialty foods.

 Call Robyn Jones Mitchell -  for details.

 (205) 566-2533

Online Payments

Manna Market Organic​ ​Food CO-OP

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 Half Order Box

Without Free Range Eggs $ 35.00 With Free Range Eggs     $ 40.50     Feeds 1 - 2 People                         7 vegetable types + 10 fruits   ***Fruits / Vegetable Orders issue by Count Bunch; by Individual Issue; by Package or by the Pound***